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Excenen PharmaTech is a high-tech research company dedicated to new samll molecule inhibiors R&D for pharmaceutical enterprises, biochemical companies, medicinal research institutes, universities.

New inhibitors like VH298, SGI-7079, GLPG1690, GDC-0152, LGX818, EC330, ARS853, M-3814, LY-3200882, AZD-4635, CNDAC HCl,TLR7-IN-1, LY3009120, A-1210477, SNS-062, NG25, Autophinib, FM-381, THZ2, THZ1, CG378M, CG378P, LSP-249, CPFX1302, CPFX2090, CBP-307, MM-102, UNC3866, CZ415, SGC2085, PI3Kd-IN-2, VX-787, Blu-285, FK228, Bromosporine, etc.

We keep stocks for 300+ inhibitors and We have new synthesized inhibitors almost each week.

Our Products:

  • Small molecule inhibitors
  • Advanced building blocks



Some products listed are protected by valid Patents, they are not offered for sales in countries where the sales of such products constitutes Patents infringement and the liability for Patents infringement is exclusive at buyers' risk.