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Our chemists had successfully synthesized PF-07321332 (Cat#:EX-A5024) (purity: 96.99% by HPLC, 1st batch) in July 2021. Then in August we got the 2nd batch with higher purity (98.37% by HPLC).

PF-07321332 (Cat#:EX-A5024) is in stock now.

We've already supplied this compound to scientists from USA, Canada, Korea, UK etc. As of September 26, all customers’ feedback shows the compound (PF-07321332 Cat#:EX-A5024) worked well during their experiments.

PF-07321332 is an orally bioavailable 3C-like protease (3CLPRO) inhibitor. PF-07321332 is an oral COVID-19 antiviral clinical candidate. By inhibiting the main protease, PF-07321332 prevents the virus from cleaving long protein chains into the parts it needs to reproduce itself.

All test report can be provided upon email request, please email us at to request the analytical reports.